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"The Phoenix" was inspired by director Regina Pigsley's upbringing in a turbulent household. As a young girl, her only friends and role models were in books and movies, and like Charlie (the film's protagonist), she desperately wanted superpowers. While she never got "superpowers," Regina believes her power is her voice and ability to create mass positive change through film. We hope this story will inspire young women to rise above their own challenges and to let go of what they cannot control.


Your donation will go towards supporting emerging young talent in film. The core team of "The Phoenix" is composed primarily of women, and 60% of our crew identifies as BIPOC.

Support the film today by donating via our Fiscal Sponsor, From the Heart productions. donation, no matter how small, helps us to share this film with the world. 

Update: March 2022

We’re thrilled to announce our first four official festival selections and world premiere at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival! While we're continuing to submit “The Phoenix” to festivals around the world, the festival fees are stacking up, at an average of $70 per festival. Along with festival fees, your contribution will help us with the post-production expenses, such as visual effects, animation and marketing.  If you'd like to help us towards our goals, please consider making a tax-free donation through our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions.

Update: July 2021

We're so grateful for the support from everyone who helped us reach our $15,000 stretch goal. Since then, we've completed production on the film, and are excited to announce our new fundraising goal of $25,000, which will cover our post-production expenses, including visual effects, marketing, and film festivals fees. 


March 2021

We have the ideas and talent to make this film a reality, but we need your help to bring Charlie and her powers to life. We are in need of additional funding to create the animation of an original cartoon called “The Blue Phoenix” that plays an important role in Charlie’s character development, as well as special effects that can properly showcase Charlie’s time-stopping superpowers.

Your donations will also go towards equipment rentals, transportation, food, and lodging for the cast and crew, as well as PPE and other materials to ensure that our production is Covid-19 safe.


Covid-19 has brought new risks and challenges to filmmaking, and new expenses. In addition to securing the necessary funding for all of the production expenses, we will be bringing on a Covid compliance officer to our crew to ensure that we are adhering to all of the necessary guidelines and restrictions in place in California at the time of filming. This also includes acquiring PPE and thermometers to secure and monitor the health of our cast and crew, as well as individually packaged food to mitigate any further spread of Covid-19 on set.

By supporting our project, you will have access to many exclusive perks, such as stickers, a signed movie poster, producer credits, and much more, in addition to knowing that your support is getting us one step closer to bringing this important story to life.

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