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To schedule an audition, apply to our listings on or SFCasting. Contact our casting directors Karina Rodegeb and Josh Ko at with any questions. 

We're seeking actors for the following roles: 


Female, 8 years old

Charlie is a creative and imaginative young girl in the 90s who wishes to emulate the superheroes she watches on TV and have superpowers of her own. Witnessing intense and violent fights between her parents at home motivates her childlike innocence and unconditional familial love to alleviate the animosity. Initially feeling alone and powerless to do anything herself, she develops the superpowers she longed for and finds she can freeze and rewind time to get what she wants.


Female, 30s

Meg is a mother to Charlie, a young and imaginative girl, and the wife to Jeff, a clueless and unobservant husband. She is quick to anger to the point where it seems she starts fights just for the sake of having them. She is not averse to escalating to physical violence to "win" or get her way. She seems largely unconcerned with her daughter unless she is harping on her to clean or to chastize her. She has a need for control and somewhat arbitrary order in the way she deems to her standards.


Jeff is Charlie's father and Meg's husband. He seems largely disconnected from his relationship with Meg as most of their conversations end in a fight or him feeling like he's never doing enough/measuring up to her standards. His relationship with Charlie, while friendly and infused with fatherly love (nicknames like "kiddo" and "sweetie"), is somewhat by the wayside, most likely a result of his strained marriage and having to work and run errands. He is unobservant and pretty clueless about his wife's wants and quite possibly obstinate to making small changes to avoid fights.

Charlie (Teenage)

Female, 16 years old

Teenage Charlie is an emotionally broken down teenager who feels that nothing she does is good enough or acknowledged by her parents.

Male, 30s

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